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The Law of Perfect Pride

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Aниме - Licensed by Royal ;
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Hey you,what you lookin' at,your cloudy face
Let's have a party time!!!
Jumpy Bumpy life is like a thrilling game
Woah! We will be feeling fine?

Walk on the moon,you'll be a star
Anything that you want... will come true
Play like a King.Work like a President
It will take you all the way to Neverland

Life is really short,time waits for no man
Let's break the chains,and just take a chance
You're walking in the crossfire!!

Shake it!Shake it up!You're wild and free
You'll feel so alive
Make it!Take it up!And find the place
You're the only one
"The law of the perfect pride"

It you fall in love.Watch your step
Woman always cheat us like we never know
Take like a Duke,steal like a Pirate
But never ever ever lose your fascination

Love can mend your heart
But love can get you hurt
So wake up soon,and get ready for leave
That Cupid's arrow's heading for your heart

Shake it! Shake it up!
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