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Promissed Land

Aниме - Shinseiki Evangelion ;

There's a reason,

we gotta let each other now

Y'gotta give respect to the other people

Sometimes it ain't easy,

you work your fingers to the bone

then you find you gotta climb another mountain

Look at all children,

the girls and boys ain't got no choice

They have to play the hand

that life has dealt them

There should be no friction, no divide,

should be colour-blind

Gotta be a game that we can play together

We live and we learn

With heart and soul and mind

You can't control your destiny

To fight to the death

Right to the bitter end

Doesn't have to be the way
And from your mistakes

You've got to take the breaks

You've got to find a better way

Let's make a master plan

To take us to the promised land


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